Important Direct Energy Account Changes

As your chosen energy consultant, we would like to provide a reminder that Direct Energy, your current supplier, will be conducting a final consolidation of their electricity billing systems. This transition will mean some changes for your accounts as a customer. However, please note that ONLY customers who are currently being dual-billed will be effected (meaning one bill from your utility and a separate bill from Direct Energy your supplier). You should also be receiving correspondence from Direct Energy regarding these changes; however we wanted to make sure you were informed in advance so we could provide assistance in the event of any questions or concerns.


It is important to note that due to these billing system changes, this may trigger your local utility company to send you a notice indicating that you are being dropped from and re-enrolled in electricity supply service with Direct.  This notice can be disregarded, as it pertains to a change in entity on Direct’s part and has no impact on your contracts or accounts.

Some other changes you should be aware of include:


  • You will have a new billing account number and a new payment address. This will need to be changed internally or with your accounts payable department.
  • You will be able to pay your bill over the phone and online. If you wish, you may also elect to have paperless billing.
  • Your invoices will have a new format. Direct should be sending an additional sheet explain how to navigate the invoice changes.
  • Account information will continue to be available via MyAccount, with some expanded options.

As always, Power Management works to keep you informed of any modifications to your energy accounts. Please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager at (585) 249-1360 with any further questions regarding these new changes.

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