EV Charging

Electric vehicles are set to be half of all vehicles produced by 2030. Power Management is here to help you determine if an Electric Vehicle Charger (EV Charger) fits into your business plan. There are several incentives currently available that can make it ultra-affordable for both public and private organizations to install an EV charger on site. Power Management will help you to determine which of the following options, and how many, are the best fit.

Types of EV Chargers

AC Level 1

This type is often best for residential and at-home use. It will have a charging load of 1.4KW to 1.9KW and will add 3-5 miles of range per hour. This equates to 17-25 hours for a full charge on most vehicles.

AC Level 2

This is the most commonly installed charger. It will have a charging load of 2.5KW to 19.2KW, 7 being the most typical, and will add 10-20 miles of range per hour. This equates to 3-8 hours for a full charge on most vehicles. This station offers the best service to most of those interested. The need for a full charge at many of our commercial and industrial client’s sites is atypical while still allowing for a significant impact for the duration that a patron may be shopping or working.

DCFC Level 3

DCFC stands for Direct Current Fast Charger, also known as "Super Chargers", that offer the highest charging capacity in excess of 150kW per port. Long-term operating costs are more significant than Level 1 & 2 equipment but are tempered through high-volume use.
Electric car charging

Benefits of EV Chargers

EV charging stations are an emerging commodity and drivers are seeking out in their travels. You can choose to add your station to a growing map of charging locations and attract potential patrons and clients while they wait for their vehicle to charge.

Though current demand may be limited, there was a 100% growth in EVs available from 2021 to 2022. This growth trend has fueled the incentives offered at both the federal and state levels to encourage businesses to install charging stations.


  • “The guidance Power Management provides allows us to consistently optimize our options. They monitor my accounts throughout the year and contact me at advantageous times with opportunities in the market that my company can benefit from.”

    Martin Dow
    Project Manager, Regis College
Why Choose Power Management Company as Your EV Partner?
We see the value in the EV Infrastructure market and have made a considerable investment in building out an EV-dedicated Team over the last 18 months. Our experienced team of Engineers, Project Managers, and Project Developers offer unparalleled quality and professionalism when delivering turnkey projects.

A Complete Solution

Our company offers a fully turnkey solution from concept and design through construction and commissioning; we are responsible for the project from start to finish. Our team has a knack for leveraging the most lucrative incentives available across all utilities served. We net out any utility incentives from our turnkey price to reduce upfront costs and take on payment risk payment with Utility Company; we like to have skin in the game.
Solar panels overhead

Market Experience

We also understand the impact this will have on your energy bills. Our core business is understanding and navigating energy markets. Our team can educate and help protect clients from over/under charging for EV as a service. We have created several hundred use cases to determine cost of operation and can guide you in realizing and recouping energy spend.

Trusted Partners

Power Management is a ChargePoint Value-Added Reseller. As such, we have access to top-tier pricing, are a trusted turnkey vendor, and have extensive knowledge of the ChargePoint network. ChargePoint has over 75% NA market share with over 130,000 electrified parking spots and growing. We carefully chose our partnership with ChargePoint after vetting options in our current market. Their continuing customer care is second to none.

Case Study: A Trusted Energy Management Partner for EMS and Sensata

Since 2010, Power Management has been providing EMS and Sensata with a range of strategic energy solutions. This includes energy risk and cost management consultation, LED lighting solutions, and EV charging installation. Power Management’s strategic guidance and technical expertise have been instrumental in helping these companies optimize their energy usage and lower their operating expenses.

By partnering with Power Management, EMS and Sensata have made meaningful progress towards their sustainability goals. The implementation of LED lighting has resulted in significant reductions in energy consumption and maintenance costs. Additionally, the deployment of EV charging stations has supported the transition to electric vehicles, further advancing their environmental responsibility initiatives. 

Power Management’s holistic approach to energy management has enabled EMS and Sensata to operate more efficiently while also promoting greater sustainability across their operations.

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