Business Energy & Audits

Business energy costs are one of the top five operating costs for many organizations. For this reason, it’s important to work with a trusted business energy advisor who takes the time to understand your needs and has a proven track record of successfully serving clients with commercial energy management needs. With a strategic approach to energy management, Power Management can assist your company with navigating business energy supply and exploring energy conservation and efficiency measures.   

Solar Case Study: Multi-location Automotive Dealership

Power Management worked closely with a local automotive dealership to design the most economical solar PV solution, identifying optimal project size and scope for this multi-location client. PMC developed a turn-key solar PV solution, managed all aspects of the project including design, material procurement, permitting & construction and system commissioning. The client is now able to enjoy long-term energy savings, and has taken a big step towards achieving their corporate sustainability goals.


Roof mounted solar PV modules


Buildings equipped with real-time system monitoring


kWh Annual System production


Payback years


total Electricity Cost Savings over the system lifetime

2,000 tons

CO2 Reduction over 25 years


  • “The guidance Power Management provides allows us to consistently optimize our options. They monitor my accounts throughout the year and contact me at advantageous times with opportunities in the market that my company can benefit from.”

    Martin Dow
    Project Manager, Regis College

Expert Guidance

The energy market can be complex. When purchasing energy, there are many things to consider. When is the best time to lock in business energy rates? How will the future markets be affected by variables such as the economy, politics, and weather? In addition, considerations like building expansions, moves, closures, and onsite generation should also be taken into account. We will offer our market expertise to develop a comprehensive energy strategy to not only obtain a great price, but keep your overall contract terms and risk avoidance goals in mind for the long run. We work with you to understand your business, how you use your energy and then compare energy suppliers based on these criteria. With dozens of business energy supply relationships and over 24,000 commercial and industrial meters we manage, we will provide a variety of pricing options for electric, natural gas and renewable energy products for your company regardless of size.

Errors and Auditing

Billing errors are not unusual and can be experienced on both the supply and utility end. Errors in calculations such as demand charges, inaccurate tariffs, sales tax or rate class changes can range in severity and cost. Should you have any concerns or wish to have your invoices reviewed, your PMC Account Manager will work with you to ensure that both the utility and your supplier are billing you accurately.  This service can identify and resolve billing errors by verifying the actual statement against our recalculation of the charge. This is especially important at the start of a new business energy supply contract, but should also be reviewed periodically or if there are any concerns. We will identify and help to resolve any issues on your behalf, and will work with utilities and suppliers to prevent future errors.

Beyond Just Business Energy Procurement

So much of the energy conversation revolves around natural gas and electric purchasing. However, other initiatives such as lighting efficiency projects, solar PV systems, and demand response can play a big role in reducing business energy costs. Through customized solutions, our team ensures your business energy needs are met from all angles. This can not only lead to a significant reduction in your business energy rates but also lower energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Budget conscious small businesses often think an energy conservation project is out of reach.  These businesses many times operate on thin profit margins and are particularly susceptible to high energy costs.  However, current federal, state and local incentives can greatly reduce the financing concerns and ultimately save business energy costs for these more vulnerable companies.


Business energy decisions can have a big impact on your bottom line. Strategic business energy procurement and management can provide business owners and managers tools to begin to take control of rising costs. By effectively implementing a long-term hedging strategy business energy costs can be significantly reduced and Power Management is here to make this process as seamless and clear as possible.


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