Community Solar


Community solar refers to local solar farms shared by multiple community subscribers who receive credit on their electricity bills for their share of the power produced. Community solar gives consumers access to the benefit of solar energy while avoiding the cost, space, and time associated with installing solar panels on their property. It provides businesses equal access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy generation regardless of the physical attributes or ownership of their facility. Many businesses who may not otherwise have access to solar because they rent, live in multi-tenant buildings, or have roofs that are unable to host a solar system can now participate in this model for solar that is being rapidly adopted nationwide.


As a solar farm produces electricity, power is delivered directly to the electric grid. Participating members receive solar credits each month that automatically subtract from their total costs to the utility. The “solar credits” will appear as a line item on the electric bill, subtracting from the total amount due. You are then billed by the solar developer each month for those credits at a discount. If there aren’t enough credits to cover your entire bill, the remaining balance is paid to the utility. In the event you receive excess credits, those credits will be applied to your next month’s bill.

You’ll be assigned a portion of the solar farm’s credits based on:

1.) Your historical electricity usage

2.) The solar farm’s total production


Currently, we are able to offer community solar options for residential customers, small businesses, schools, non-profit and religious organizations.

If you are interested in benefiting from the environmental and financial incentives related to community solar please fill out the form below and we will contact you! 

You will be assigned a share of the local community solar based on your electricity use
Each month, bill credits are generated on your behalf and applied directly to your utility bill, generally a savings of about 10%
There is no cancellation fee, but a 90 day notice is required.
If you have a retail energy supplier, or ESCO, you can still participate.
You can still keep your subscription if you happen to move anywhere within the same territory.
Once connected, you can view your solar production, cost savings, and environmental impact with our online portal





    Do I need to install any panels on my property? No. Panels will not be located on your property. Members of the array receive virtual solar credits from the offsite solar farms.

    Will I still be receiving my electric bill? Yes. Community Solar subscribers pay their utility each month for any costs solar credits don’t cover. Members are automatically billed each month for the discounted solar credits they’ve received.

    What does it cost and how much money will I be saving? There is no cost to join, and each credit is purchased at approximately 10% discount, so you will save an average of ten cents for every dollar worth of credit that offsets your electric bill.

    What portion of the bill is the discount applied to? The solar credits can be applied to every portion of your bill.

    Can I participate if I have a Third-Party Supplier (ESCO)? Yes. While the ESCO may lower the supply portion of the bill, discounted solar credits reduce the cost of the entire bill. If you’re happy with your ESCO, you might as well do both!

    What happens if I move? You can take your subscription with you! As long as you move to an area serviced by the same utility, you can continue to support clean energy and reduce your electric bill.

    How can I tell if the solar farm is working? You will have access to a software portal that will allow you to view the solar production, monetary savings, and environmental impact as a result of your participation.

    Does Community Solar benefit the local community? Yes! Community Solar provides local jobs and electricity savings to businesses and residents. Community Solar reduces the amount of energy needed to be generated from fossil fuels, thus improving air quality and health throughout your area.

    Case Studies

    A Trusted Energy Management Partner for EMS and Sensata

    Since 2010, Power Management has been providing EMS and Sensata with a range of strategic energy solutions. This includes energy risk and cost management consultation, LED lighting solutions, and EV charging installation. Power Management’s strategic guidance and technical expertise have been instrumental in helping these companies optimize their energy usage and lower their operating expenses.

    By partnering with Power Management, EMS and Sensata have made meaningful progress towards their sustainability goals. The implementation of LED lighting has resulted in significant reductions in energy consumption and maintenance costs. Additionally, the deployment of EV charging stations has supported the transition to electric vehicles, further advancing their environmental responsibility initiatives. 

    Power Management’s holistic approach to energy management has enabled EMS and Sensata to operate more efficiently while also promoting greater sustainability across their operations.


    Since partnering with Power Management Company (PMC), ESL has made significant strides in sustainable energy efficiency and cost savings. The collaboration began with a thorough analysis of ESL’s energy goals, which included optimizing energy purchases, controlling costs, achieving long-term pricing certainty, upgrading facility lighting, and exploring solar energy solutions.

    Power Management’s strategic guidance and technical expertise have been instrumental in achieving these goals. ESL’s facilities underwent extensive LED lighting upgrades and the installation of solar arrays, significantly enhancing energy efficiency and reducing consumption.

    Through these strategic implementations, PMC has provided ESL with practical energy solutions and a new perspective on managing energy costs sustainably. This holistic approach has enabled ESL to operate more efficiently and sustainably, marking significant progress in their long-term sustainability goals.