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Energy costs are an essential consideration as you manage and grow your business. At Power Management, we consider how lighting fits into your entire energy system and offer options to maximize savings. Our lighting experts will work with your organization to identify the most efficient energy saving opportunities for any application.

Lighting upgrades are generally recognized as one of the best returns on your capital investment that you can make. Lighting represents roughly 40 percent of the energy consumption in the commercial building sector. Upgrades can reduce lighting costs by up to 60 percent. While the majority of businesses focus on the internal lights, don’t fail to think about external lights as well! Taking into consideration the unique needs of your specific organization, it’s important to not settle for a one-size-fits-all lighting solution. Regardless of the investment, you must balance the project cost against the savings opportunity.



why power management

Power Management’s recommendations and professional project management will assure optimal energy efficiency. We are most concerned with what will be the right application for the client and develop a customized solution based on our business energy audit of your facility. Power Management is continuously evaluating new technology advancements and offers lighting solutions including the latest energy efficient lamps, fixtures, and sensors to retrofit existing buildings or tackle new construction projects. Depending on project scale and scope we can test options in existing buildings to see how fixtures would perform. We will also make recommendations if appropriate, such as adding controls that automatically switch off or dim lights. Lighting requirements may vary at different times and in different parts of a building throughout the day. Ensuring that lighting controls are set to match demand can reduce unnecessary lighting energy consumption and provide savings beyond fixture upgrades alone.

Power Management was recognized as the No. 1 Trade Ally in NYSEG & RG&E utility territories for energy savings in 2018.

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Our turn-key solution includes:

  • All materials
  • Quality made LED fixtures & LED lamps
  • Warranty guarantee on lighting equipment
  • Access to products that meet the unique requirements that certain facilities face such as food and hazardous needs
  • Labor
  • All lifts and needed equipment
  • Project Management throughout the entire process
  • Our assistance in applying for and completing all rebates and incentive applications
  • Certified lamp recycling

What does a business energy audit entail?

During a pre-scheduled, on-site visit to your facility, a PMC lighting representative will accompany you on a walkthrough where they will collect data to outline existing fixture types, quantity, run hours, along with current energy consumption and electric rates. This data will allow the PMC Lighting team to evaluate your needs and design both interior and exterior lighting solutions specific to your facility. This audit is at no cost to you, and the design information will then be presented to you for approval.

PMC Process Overview

As stated, our process starts with a facility audit and incorporates every aspect of the project from inspection to completion. Our lighting specialists will recommend a comprehensive solution that will incorporate all available financial rebates, incentives and tax saving strategies.

  1. Business Energy Audit – An on-site walkthrough to collect pertinent lighting and energy data from your facility
  2. Engineering & Design – Our lighting team will then design a lighting solution incorporating the most cost effective and energy efficient products to satisfy your needs.
  3. Incentive Coordination – PMC will handle all incentive program requirements from initial application submission, to scheduling of pre- and post-inspection, along with providing certification required for current federal tax deduction.
  4. Proposal – A PMC lighting representative will then present a proposal outlining scope of the project, cost, incentive benefits, estimated annual savings, and the projected ROI.
  5. Project Management – PMC’s project manager will schedule the installation, order materials, supervise the install, inspect completed work, and review the progress with you throughout the project. They will work to meet deadlines and focus on minimal disruption to your business

Identifying Current Lighting Fixtures

Part of the process during the business energy audit will be to first identify your current equipment. Lamp types and/or ballasts must be determined in order to propose what changes could be made. The primary use of your facility may have an impact on the types of lamps you currently have installed as manufacturing and industrial facilities may vary from those typically used in offices and other commercial buildings
  • T12 lamps
  • T8 lamps
  • T5 lamps
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID)
  • Two main types in current use – metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS))
  • Incandescent/Halogen lamps
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)


led lighting technology


LED Technology Basics

LED stands for light-emitting diode. LEDs are currently the most popular and widely used bulbs for lighting upgrades. In short, LED bulbs last longer and use less energy. Plus, they don’t contain hazardous materials like mercury and lead. The useful life of LED lighting products is defined differently than that of other light sources because LEDs typically do not burn out or fail. Rather, they experience lumen depreciation, meaning the amount of light produced decreases or changes over time. Instead of basing the useful life of an LED product on the time it takes for lamps to burn out, LED bulb lifetime is based on a prediction of when the light output decreases by 30%.

Benefits of upgrading your lighting

In most cases upgrading the existing lighting system can save 40% to 60% of the current lighting energy consumption. Lighting solutions provide more cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting, that can increase productivity and improve employee well-being throughout a facility.

Better Light

  • Adaptable- offer a range of different colors for different purposes and needs
  • Better “perceived” brightness and quality
  • Turn on instantly
  • More directional light
  • Dimmable & motion sensor ability

Improvements in the Workplace

  • Better light leads to improvements in workplace moral
  • LEDs can greatly enhance safety in the work environment and are a great choice for emergency lighting
  • Cleaner and more even light distribution, removing the flicker and yellowing that caused employee complaints
  • Reduce noise, as other type of lamps tend to give off clicking or buzzing sounds over time
  • Reduce disruption to your staff’s work by spending less time repairing fixtures and replacing burnt out lamps

More Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

  • Lasts 25 times longer than traditional lighting
  • Use significantly less energy than other bulb types
  • Consumes less electricity; emits fewer greenhouse gases
  • Almost all components are 100% recyclable
  • Longer life means less landfills are impacted
  • Contain no toxic materials and are mercury free
  • Produces little to no infrared light or UV emissions
  • Emits very little heat-  Work well in cold temperatures- Great for use outdoors or in freezer/cooler spaces
  • Safer – cooler operation means less fire hazard

Low Maintenance

  • Most LED lamps are rated for 50,000 hours vs. older bulbs that run from 20,000-30,000 hours
  • A typical application will see 10+ years before needing replacement
  • More durable- Better resistance to breakage, shock, vibrations and external impacts

Other Considerations

Payback for a lighting upgrade will vary based on run hours- the longer the lights are on the faster the payback! The price of LED lights has dropped significantly in recent years as they have become a more popular choice. Rebates and tax incentives are available in most states and in many cases, LED products pay for themselves in less than 2 years. Our turn-key consulting approach allows us to help our clients navigate the wide variety of product options to find the right solution for their application.
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