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Whether you’re a large commercial business or a small operation, trust is a critical part of the relationship you have with the company managing your energy. Today, there are hundreds of energy companies to choose from.  Taking control of your energy consumption and sourcing is a powerful move that requires long-term support. Market conditions shift, incentive programs change and utility tariffs rise and fall. You need an expert to help guide you through the changing dynamics of the energy markets and implications for your business on an ongoing basis in order to provide optimum cost management.

As part of our commitment at Power Management, we work with you before, during and after your energy agreements are in place. As an independent, unbiased energy consulting company, we help our customers not only compare multiple procurement options from energy suppliers to find the most competitive energy choices, but also assist your business with an overall energy strategy.

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When looking into the energy choices that are best for your business, you have the option to choose an energy supplier directly, or to work with an energy consultant that has relationships with multiple suppliers.  A supplier is a company that buys the gas or electric commodity in large quantities and then sells it to customers. You may hear the term “energy consultant” and “energy broker” used interchangeably. When researching the company you are working with, be sure to clarify exactly what services they provide and who they represent. Many times, an energy broker represents the single supplier that they work for. Conversely, energy consultants generally provide a broader spectrum of energy services including access to quotes from multiple suppliers and strategic direction for their clients.

Companies like Power Management, do not have any ownership in the actual commodity or the ability to sell or distribute energy. The role of an energy consultant is to maintain working relationships with suppliers which allow them to obtain a variety of competitive quotes they can present to their clients. Consultants work as an advocate on the customers behalf to ensure you understand the choices and get fair and competitive rates.  We represent you as the client. Not having a stake in the actual commodity guarantees the consultant is not committed to any supplier allowing us to remain objective. This allows for an independent and unbiased opinion about what supply option the customer chooses.

Low Cost Power Allocation

ReCharge NY is a statewide economic development power program that allocates low cost power for qualifying customers. PMC learned that additional power would be available for new applicants and previous recipients of the old Power For Jobs Program would have to reapply for an opportunity to continue on the new program. PMC has identified a number of clients as strong candidates for this new program and brought it to their attention. Allocations are made through a competitive application process which Power Management is an expert at getting qualified company allocations for.

910 MW

originally allocated for the program

7,000 kW

in allocations for PMC clients


of power needs met for a large manufacturer


saved annually for a large manufacturer

We provide budget neutral solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, stabilize volatile prices and achieve corporate sustainability.


We believe energy cost management should be a long-term strategy, not something that is only considered when supply contracts are coming to term. We will develop an energy strategy designed to better meet your budget and energy savings goals.


Power Management Company takes an unbiased approach to electric and natural gas purchasing for our customers. Our supplier relationships give us the ability to look at a wide variety of options while leveraging our full portfolio of businesses to provide big volume buying power to all of our customers, regardless of size.


Not only are we thinking strategically about your electric and natural gas purchasing, but also efficiency and sustainability initiatives that may help to reduce your overall expenses. Whether your business could benefit from a lighting upgrade or solar project, our process will provide a timely ROI, and long-term energy savings. We will develop a turn-key plan, seek funding opportunities and tax incentives and establish benchmarks for your projects success.


  • We started working with Power Management to assist us with our natural gas and electric purchasing strategies. Over the years, their team has supported the Hurlbut Care Communities by reducing and controlling our energy costs substantially. They are a true leader in this industry and we trust them to manage our energy needs and keep us informed about current market trends and opportunities.

    Bob Hurlbut
    President & CEO, Hurlbut Care Communities

Why should I use an energy consultant?

Many businesses ask themselves this question when searching for the energy provider they are going to use to supply their energy services. Energy deregulation has created a marketplace fueled by choices, savings and flexibility. A few reasons that working with an independent, unbiased energy consultant like Power Management may be the right options for your business include:

1. Competition for your Business

Many suppliers will offer lower rates to consultants as compared to a customer directly because they know they have to compete for the business, as the consultant is getting multiple quotes for their client. The prospect of competition forces these suppliers to offer their best options to us on your behalf. Working with us, they are aware that you will be provided energy choices beyond just their offering, thus their price will be affected by the other players they will be compared to.  Conversely, if a business goes directly to the single supplier they will not feel this pressure as they are not against as many challenges.

In addition, when businesses shop for electricity on their own, many companies only know of the top 2 or 3 most advertised suppliers. Power Management has relationships with dozens of suppliers, increasing the probability of more competitive pricing for you.

2. Power of Aggregation

Over the past 20 years, we have developed strong relationships with reputable suppliers. Due to the volume of customers we have brought to them over the years, a supplier is much more likely to give energy consultants like Power Management a competitive price, not only because they know they are competing for the business, but also because they will have an opportunity for more business from the company in the future. When  a customer goes directly to a supplier they have the opportunity to only secure business from that one customer,  versus when they have the chance to bid on dozens or more customers per month. Therefore, we leverage our massive portfolio of customers to give you buying power regardless of your account size.

3 .Comparison of all Options

At first glance, when shopping for competitive pricing offers from energy suppliers, trying to compare all of the different options may seem overwhelming. While the ability to choose an alternative supplier has presented consumers with savings opportunities, there are also many challenges in selecting the best energy choices for your business. All suppliers have different contract language, agreement terms and billing structures. In addition, the pricing components that suppliers use to quote may or may not include certain taxes and this can make their price appear lower than that of another.  It is difficult for customers who do not review these documents frequently to effectively compare the proposals received from multiple suppliers. Experienced energy consultants like Power Management have extensive familiarity with the way various suppliers work as we are reviewing and accessing supplier contracts on a regular basis. We review in detail all supplier contracts to ensure all pricing components are included for a true all-in price.

Another thing that can make price comparison difficult when accessing different supplier quotes is the timing in which they received their price. Wholesale energy prices rise and fall by the minute. Thus, a price received from a supplier on one day, is not directly equivalent to a price received from a different supplier on another day. By working closely with the suppliers we have relationships with, we will price your accounts all on the same day with each supplier, to guarantee you are getting a true apples to apples comparison and the most competitive rate.

4. Market Expertise and Strategy directed at your business

We have a staff of experienced pricing and energy managers that have developed independent pricing models over the past 20 years. This allows us to verify factual market data against what the supplier quotes to make sure it is in line and accurate.

Although price is a very important piece to the puzzle, there are many components to managing your energy that are vital to a successful, well rounded plan.  An energy consultant works to establish a comprehensive energy strategy to not only obtain a great price, but keep your overall contract terms and risk avoidance goals in mind for the long run. We work with you to understand your business, how you use your energy and then compare energy suppliers based on these criteria. Taking this approach allows us to develop an energy strategy designed to better meet your budget and energy savings goals. Monitoring to track the right times in the market and your budget cycle to secure contracts can make a difference of thousands of dollars.

4. Personal Service and Value-add

As the core of their business, energy supply companies are most interested in providing customers with the supply price of the commodity.  Most simply do not have the staff or expertise to provide “value added” services.  Here at Power Management this is a major component of what sets us apart. Each client is assigned a personal Account Manager who is their direct point of contact for any and all questions or concerns. We are the first person you can call whether it’s a dispute with the supplier or utility.

We also go far beyond the scope of what a supplier can offer. We monitor energy trends and price movements daily. We are always willing to perform billing audits to ensure accuracy if you feel there is any discrepancy. Additional services such as rate tariff analysis, budgeting, weekly energy news updates, energy conservation, demand and sustainability expertise are all part of the value you receive when working with us.


It’s important to understand your options when it comes to the energy choices for your business. Energy costs can make up a substantial portion of your overall budget. Choosing an energy consultant partner like Power Management will offer your business an unbiased opinion for comparing competitive pricing options and assisting with an overall energy strategy.


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