Energy Management Services

Manage consumption, control cost and minimize risk


As a business energy management company, we recognize that energy is an operating cost that often gets treated as a necessary evil, or may even get ignored all together. However, as one of the top five operating costs for many businesses, energy is an important part of your overall business strategy. By taking a strategic, holistic approach to energy management, you can make a direct impact on your bottom line. In an unpredictable market with volatile prices, Power Management can help you manage consumption, control cost and minimize risk.

Because energy needs vary by company, we take the time to understand your risk levels and your business plan. Effective business energy cost management comes down to a well-thought out, long-term strategy. Our team of energy experts will examine your facility’s energy efficiency and analyze your supply and demand needs. Then we’ll deliver a data-driven energy strategy with rock-solid ROI to define costs and savings. Where practical, we execute contracts for the long-term to lock in prices. We can optimize your business energy supply purchasing site by site, or integrate an energy portfolio across your organization.

Case Study

A local federal credit union, operating multiple locations and drive up ATM’s needed a comprehensive strategy to satisfy the unique energy needs of a multi-location financial institution. With a large profile of annual energy usage this organization also had a desire to reduce energy costs, become more sustainable and was dedicated to reducing their corporate carbon footprint. Power Management Company (PMC) partnered with this company to develop a strategy to optimize energy purchasing across the organization in effort to gain control of energy costs and provide long-term price certainty. The process included analyzing facility consumption data, existing contracts, and considered wholesale markets and economic factors. Lighting upgrades and solar energy solutions for various locations were also implemented to further address the desire for efficiency and sustainability.


lights converted to LED at Headquarters

20.01 KW

Roof mounted solar array installed at the Ridgeway branch

2 million kWh

combined reduction from hedging, lighting and solar

45% - decrease

in overall energy supply costs

Taking control of your energy consumption and sourcing is a powerful move that requires long-term support. Market conditions shift, incentive programs change and utility tariffs rise and fall. You need an expert to help guide you through the changing dynamics of the energy markets and implications for your business on an ongoing basis in order to provide optimum cost management.


Our relationships with the most reputable suppliers available give us the ability to look at a wide variety of options. We leverage our full portfolio of business to provide big volume buying power to all of our customers, regardless of size.


After obtaining competitive commodity options from our suppliers, we will provide a detailed analysis and help to provide guidance for your business.


Beyond just energy purchasing, our team with help you evaluate all things energy; from lighting efficiency, demand response programs, solar and wind generation technologies, to the purchase of REC’s, there are plenty of options to help achieve your energy goals.

Examples of Industries We Serve

Whether you’re a large commercial business or a small operation, Power Management has experience working with a wide range of industries. We serve business energy customers across a variety of sectors including, but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Senior Living
  • Real Estate
  • Multifamily
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Municipalities


  • “Power Management has provided us not only competitive energy procurement purchasing opportunities but also has been vital in assisting us with streamlining utility bill processing. The knowledge and support they have provided us through the years has allowed us to make strategic, competitive decisions in regards to our energy”

    Chris Cimini
    Chief Financial Officer, Buckingham Properties

How does energy management provide value to my business?

1. Energy Strategy Development

We believe energy cost management should be a long-term strategy, not something that is only considered when supply contracts are coming to term. Market conditions, incentive programs, utility tariffs, and even our customer’s business models, are always changing.  Adjustments need to be made to maintain optimum cost management. We take time to understand your business plan and work with you to take into account variables like building expansions, expected closures, onsite generation and other factors that could affect your rates.

2. Market Forecasting & Risk Avoidance Tactics

Commodity rates, new government regulations and incentive programs, among other factors, can affect our customer’s bottom line. We monitor electricity and natural gas trends by being active in the markets every day for our clients. We track and chart daily market pricing for several commodities so as to understand cross–commodity relationships, develop benchmarks and indicators for sensible hedging. We also monitor daily economic, global and political factors that may affect commodity pricing to help predict future fluctuations and advise clients on market drivers to make recommendations. Business energy rates can change as a result of all of these factors and we provide resources to help your company minimize risk and hedge against the unknowns.

3. Detailed Analysis and Market Reporting

 There are a lot of suppliers and energy brokers out there promising savings based on supply pricing, but what numbers are they using for comparison? When making a decision about which price option is best, customers should be aware of all the options, and the differences between each. This is why when meeting to propose business energy supply options, your Account Manager will provide you with an analysis detailing historical usage, forward rates, and how the projections are expected to affect your bottom line. You will continue to be informed and up-to-date with the latest market knowledge. Our experts will provide you with periodical account updates, specific to your business. You will also have the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest market trends by receiving PMC’s weekly email newsletter. 

4. Ongoing Account Monitoring

Once an agreement is in place, you are provided a personal Account Manager, who will stay in touch and continuously monitor the markets for any advantageous opportunities that coincide with your strategy and alert you when those opportunities exist.
In addition, your Account Manager can provide invoice auditing. Often times utilities change their delivery rates and the financial impact can be significant. Power Management Company has the knowledge and expertise to help our customers deal with these changes and prepare for them in advance; we can also identify money saving opportunities created as a result of tariff changes if applicable.


Beyond this, we deliver access to resources such as budgeting, utility bill invoice processing and other services for clients needing a more custom or thorough approach to understanding and monitoring their energy objectives. We offer guidance to businesses who do not have the expertise, time, or desire to manage an energy portfolio. Our ultimate goal is to work WITH you to help achieve your energy management objectives.


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