ReCharge NY

Case Study


In September 2011, Power Management Company (PMC) became aware that a new program (ReCharge NY) would be replacing the old Power For Jobs Program. Power For Jobs previously provided low cost power to qualifying customers, but had been closed to new participants for several years. PMC learned that additional power would be available for new applicants and previous recipients would have to reapply for an opportunity to continue on the new program. PMC identified a large, local manufacturer as a strong candidate for this new program and brought it to their attention.


PMC attended education seminars held by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and researched all available materials and filings on the program. PMC and the local manufacturing company entered into an agreement where PMC would take the lead and work closely with the company staff, prepare and submit an application to the NYPA for the low cost power.


As a result of the effort, this large, local manufacturing company was awarded a ReCharge NY power allocation that provided 45% of their power needs and saved in excess of $100,000 annually.

Since this original allocation, Power Management has aided 6 clients with the application process and qualification for, the ReCharge NY program. This has led to securing over 7,000 kW’s in allocations for these businesses.

About ReCharge NY

  • ReCharge NY is a statewide economic development power program that allocates over 910 Megawatts of low cost power for qualifying customers.

  • Qualifying customers include businesses and non-profit organizations.

  • 50% of energy comes from NYPA hydro-power.

  • 50% of energy comes from market power procured by NYPA.

  • Allocations are made through a competitive application process.

  • Contract terms may be up to seven years.