RRHA Joint Ventures Corporation Partners with Power Management Company

For Immediate Release: ROCHESTER, NY – RRHA Joint Ventures Corporation has entered into a new agreement with Power Management Company. After extensive consideration, RRHA/JVC chose Power Management to represent the future energy needs of its members. Power Management will offer member institutions access to exclusive member advantages through this new program.

RRHA/JVC and Power Management’s shared visions for this partnership are to enhance member options by providing them with competitive pricing, ongoing cost management and comprehensive energy strategies. This new collaboration draws on the distinct strengths of each company: PMC’s extensive knowledge of the energy markets, proven 18+ year history in the industry and the aggregation power of more than 22,000 commercial and industrial client accounts; and, RRHA/JVC’s impressive collection of member institutions that are committed to the organization and benefit from its many member services and group purchasing arrangements.

For many RRHA member organizations, maintaining an accurate and controlled energy expense line is a critical need and evaluating all alternatives can be both difficult and time consuming.  Power Management assists in managing energy risk by providing clients with solid, methodical, and accurate foundations for market assessment, competitive pricing, budgeting, and a spectrum of energy consulting and advisory services.  Power Management’s comprehensive, unbiased approach to energy management, will allow member companies the opportunity to achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and cost control.

“We believe this new opportunity for our members is a great fit. The experience that Power Management brings along with the invaluable relationships they hold within the energy industry will give our members more choices when it comes to their energy strategy” said Joel Lincoln, Senior Vice President -Supply Chain Solutions, RRHA/JVC.  “Our staff is eager to engage with the members of RRHA.  From our strengths in procurement, to energy efficiency and sustainability, we will be able to deliver substantial value to many of the organizations” added Eric Douthit, Executive Vice President, Power Management.

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