Is Your Energy Plan Keeping You Competitive or Just Barely Afloat?

study conducted by Deloitte in 2012 found, “American businesses have become increasingly focused on energy consumption and its impact on their bottom-lines…more businesses recognize energy management efforts are essential to staying competitive from both a financial and a corporate image perspective.”  With a number of competitive energy options today, energy management involves more than just getting the best “price”, and can also be coined with profitability if managed correctly. Implementing a well thought out energy strategy may include taking a proactive approach to monitoring the market for times that may be optimal for entering into new agreements, opportunities to invest in solar, incentives offered for completing lighting upgrades, and payments for participation in demand response programs, can really pay off.

But who has time to think about all those options you may be asking? As a company focused on energy management, we realize that the choices even for electric and natural gas can be overwhelming. By choosing a fixed or variable product, combining alternative or renewable energy sources, your bottom line can be greatly affected. However, focusing on your energy plan only at times your business is up for a contract renewal can be a reactive mindset that ends up costing you a lot more in the long run. By working with a partner like Power Management, we’ll help you establish a comprehensive approach to manage your current and future energy needs and explore new or alternative options that may benefit your company. Take the pressure and stress out of managing your energy plan and contact us today to learn more!

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