The Market Signals Good Time to Buy

In this week’s Power News Energy Update, we mentioned that the price of natural gas continues to remain soft.  Seeing that we are in the middle of the heating season it might come as a surprise, but now is an ideal time to be looking at locking in future gas and electric pricing.  Prices are almost as low as we’ve seen in the past five years and the storage levels have made a remarkable recovery from last year, coming in 2.5% below the five year average.  Even if your contracts do not expire for a year or two, it makes sense to look at future pricing at this time.

Our 12 Month Forward Pricing Heat Strip shows evidence that we are at a good place in the market to be evaluating future prices.  Given that electric pricing is closely related to natural gas pricing, we have seen the same advantageous trends for future electric pricing.  If you would like to investigate what the current downward trends in the market mean for your business, please give us a call today at (585) 249-1360.

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