Stonehill College

Solar Case Study


Power Management Company (PMC) has served as Stonehill College’s trusted energy advisor, responsible for all procurement of natural gas and electricity, since 2011. Their annual energy portfolio is over 15 Million kWh and 44,000 Dth.
Power Management first approached Stonehill College about going solar in the summer of 2011. In July 2014, the college unveiled a 2.7 megawatts solar field which was the 11th (tied) largest solar installation on a college campus nationwide. When the college was considering other sustainable initiatives to fulfill their commitment of taking an environmentally conscious approach, Power Management Company again worked with leadership to develop the most current solar canopy project which started construction in October 2016.


Location: Easton, MA
Description: 6,400 solar panels
System Size: 2.8 MW DC


Stonehill College takes a multi-dimensional approach to sustainability. With this in mind, Power Management collaborated with SunPower , a global leader in solar innovation, to propose the most economical solar PV solution, identifying optimal project size and scope. The carport’s overall aesthetic appeal was also a primary concern to the college and Power Management worked closely with Stonehill to achieve an attractive design.


The project consisted of installing 6,400 panels that cover the vast majority of the largest parking lot on Stonehill’s campus. The benefits of the new project brought energy savings and predictability in energy costs throughout the 20-year lifespan of the system while also reducing the school’s reliance on carbon-based fuels. Covered parking, LED lighting and electric car charging stations were key components of the overall strategy.


Annual system production: 3,377,484 kWh
Environmental Equivalency: Reduction of 282,838 less gallons of gasoline consumed per year