Helping NYS School Districts Meet the 2035 Zero Emission Bus Transportation Mandate

Create Your EV Fleet Upgrade Action Plan with our Help

As New York State moves towards a more sustainable future with its commitment to electrifying school transportation, it’s essential for school districts to stay informed and prepared for these changes.

At Power Management we are prepared to help you make these changes, and reach your long term energy goals. Together with our partner Essential Constructs we’ll provide comprehensive EV charging solutions tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions.

Our Knowledge and Processes Will Help to Streamline the EV Charging Transformation in Your District

Our expertise in site assessment, tailored charging solutions, and project management ensures that your transition to electric vehicles is seamless, cost-effective, and in line with state standards.

Partner with us to navigate this significant transition efficiently, leveraging our experience and resources to benefit your district and contribute to a more sustainable environment. Here is a closer look at things we’ll help you consider, plan for, and overcome:

Site Assessment & Planning

  • Expert site evaluation for EV charger installation
  • Clear plan with installation steps, timelines, and costs

Tailored EV Charging for Your District

  • Solutions aligning with New York standards
  • Focus on cost, maintenance, and your goals

Construction & Installation

  • Professional project management
  • Compliance, quality, and budget adherence

Post-Installation: Maximizing Incentives

  • Help in acquiring rebates, grants, and incentives
  • Maximizing financial benefits for your district

New York’s Electric School Transportation Vision

  • Transition to electric buses by 2035
  • Changes in bus types, maintenance, and operations

Funding Opportunities

  • Governor Hochul’s $100 million allocation for zero-emission buses
  • Incentives for bus and infrastructure purchases
  • Importance of early action for funding utilization

Choose Power Management Company & Essential Constructs

  • 25+ years in school fleet electrification
  • Specialized in efficient EV charging for education
  • From planning to operation

Create Your EV Action Plan

  • Guidance in choosing, installing, and operating EV charging
  • Continuous support and expertise

Advantages of National Cooperative Contract

  • Better pricing options
  • Advance your district in the EV transition

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