Gas Rate Re-Classification

Case Study


While reviewing the natural gas invoices for a large property management company in Rochester, NY, a Power Management Company (PMC) account manager noticed that the volumes the customer was using on some of the meters did not match up well with the gas rate the client was on.


The PMC account manager performed a detailed rate analysis and determined that the property management company would be better off on a different natural gas delivery rate. The account manager contacted the gas utility and obtained the paperwork required for the client to make the switch to the more advantageous rate.  PMC then completed the paperwork, obtained the necessary signature from the property management company and submitted the application to the utility on behalf of the client.


As a result, the local property management company was able to reduce its gas delivery cost by 50% and save approximately $40,000 a year.

Similar Scenarios

  • PMC guided a non-profit to savings of approximately $30,000 annually by helping to change their gas rate class to a more advantageous one.
  • PMC performed bill audits and facilitated the gas rate changes for a local area high school that will realize savings of approximately $6,000 annually.
  • PMC also recognized the opportunity to convert the gas rate classes for an automotive warehouse company.  This company will realize approximately $5,700 in savings annually.