Garber Automotive

Solar Case Study


Garber Rochester is part of the nationwide Garber Automotive Group. After successfully
establishing dealerships in the Midwest and South, Garber brought its respected brand to the
Rochester area in 2011. Garber Rochester operates 3 dealerships; Honda, Acura, Porsche/Audi, as
well as a Pre-Owned Center and a Collision Shop.

Power Management Company (PMC) has served the client since 2008 when they were formerly
known as Holtz House of Vehicles. PMC is Garber’s trusted energy advisor, responsible for all
procurement of natural gas and electricity. Partnering with Garber, PMC has created a
comprehensive hedging strategy to satisfy the unique energy needs of a multi-location,
multi-state client. With a desire to become more sustainable and reduce energy costs, Power
Management assisted Garber with developing a solar PV strategy encompassing all five
buildings in Rochester.


Location: Rochester, NY

820 roof mounted solar PV
modules on 5 buildings,
equipped with real-time
system monitoring


PMC worked closely with Garber to design the most economical solar PV solution, identifying
optimal project size and scope. Of all financing mechanisms available, Garber chose to
self-fund this project and maximize their return-on-investment by leveraging all state and
federal incentives available including a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, Accelerated
Depreciation benefit and NYSERDA Rebates.


PMC developed a turn-key solar PV solution for Garber and managed all aspects of the project
including design, material procurement, permitting & construction and system commissioning.
The total project consists of 820 panels and produces over 296,000 kWh annually. With the help
of PMC, Garber is now able to enjoy long-term energy savings, and has taken a big step towards
achieving their corporate sustainability goals.


Annual system production: 3,377,484 kWh
Environmental Equivalency: Reduction of 282,838 less gallons of gasoline consumed per year