Community Solar Case Study

Community Solar


Power Management Company (PMC) in conjunction with Melink Solar of Milford, Ohio completed construction of a 1.07 MW ground-mounted solar array in Rochester, Massachusetts. The solar array was constructed off Snipatuit Road in Rochester on land identified by Whelan Associates of New Bedford, MA, a leading supplier of commercial real estate services including development, construction and property management. The project is owned by IGS Energy, an independent energy supplier.


Location: Rochester, MA
Description: 3,420 ground mounted solar PV modules across 10 acres
System Size: 1.07 MW DC


Power Management offered a turn-key solution that included the design, construction and management of the solar array. The original parcel of land located in Rochester, MA encompassed 110 acres. It was determined that the solar development project would span a 10 acre area. In the spirt of the green effort and prudent land management practices, the remaining 100 acres were donated to the town for open space and recreation.


The project was structured as a community solar venture with 50% of the energy benefits being enjoyed by the Latham Centers. These centers provide innovative treatment and support services for intellectually disabled children and adults and for individuals living with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The remaining 50% of the project’s credits are being enjoyed by green minded, socially conscious organizations such as Verc Enterprises, a family owned retail convenience store, gasoline, and carwash group operating 26 facilities in Massachusetts and
Southern New Hampshire. In total, the project consisted of installing 3,420 ground mounted solar PV modules across the 10 acre parcel.


Annual System Production: 1,040,000 kWh
Environmental Benefits: 100 acres donated
CO2 Reduction: 8,895 tons over 25 years. Equivalent to 22,691,920 miles driven by a compact car