New Capital Investment, Job Retention, Job Creation…What’s Your Contribution to New York State, and Can You Be Rewarded For It?

What Is ReCharge New York (“RNY”)? Statewide economic development power program for qualified businesses and not-for-profit corporations. The program is designed to retain and create jobs through allocations of low-cost power. This replaces the Power For Jobs Program.

Who Is Eligible? Many businesses and non-profit organizations are eligible however, there are certain entities that do not qualify. Non-eligible entities include all retail businesses, sports venues, gaming or entertainment-related establishments, and places of overnight accommodation.

How Much Power is Available? At the start of the program there were 910 Megawatts (MW) available, with 50% from NYPA hydropower and 50% from market power procured by NYPA. However, this amount is the total that had been set aside for the program and significant awards have already been made, therefore, limited quantities are left for new applicants.

How Does a Customer Apply? Applications are available online at, through the New York State Consolidated Funding Application (CFA). Within the CFA, select “Energy & Environmental Improvements” and/or “Direct Assistance to Business” as the project category and then select “Low-Cost Power” as the type of project. This application is lengthy and requires considerable detail. Power Management has assisted qualified candidates with the application process and successfully receiving awards for this program.

How are the Applications Evaluated? RNY applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
• Significance of the cost of electricity to applicant’s total cost of doing business
• New capital investment resulting from an RNY allocation in New York State
• Type and cost of buildings, equipment and facilities to be constructed, enlarged or installed
• Consistency with existing regional economic development strategies and priorities – working with regional economic development agencies is encouraged
• Applicant’s payroll, salaries, benefits and number of jobs at the facility
• Number of jobs created or retained within New York State
• Applicant’s risk of closure, curtailing facilities or operations, relocating out-of-state, or losing jobs
• Significance of applicant’s facility to the local economy
• Extent of applicant’s investment in energy efficiency measures
• Whether allocation will result in an advantage relative to the applicant’s competitors within the state
• For non-profit, the significance of the service or benefits provided to the local community

How Are Allocations Approved? The New York State Economic Development Power Allocation Board (EDPAB) reviews applications and makes allocation recommendations to NYPA’s Board of Trustees who makes the final decisions.

How Will Contracting Be Handled? A customer will enter into a contract with NYPA, with a one-time option to receive:

• Fully blended product – 50% NYPA hydropower and 50% market power procured by NYPA


• Hydropower portion only – 50% NYPA hydropower and 50% customer-arranged market power purchases

NYPA will invoice for supply of power and energy as well as NYISO costs. Utilities will invoice for delivery.

The ReCharge NY program remains open to qualified candidates until all available power allocations are filled. If your business has a need for low cost power assistance to support job growth or job retention, this program may be able to help!