Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Energy improvements that are reliable, affordable and environmentally conscious

Efficiency & Sustainability


Power Management’s strategy not only includes evaluating all competitive supply options for natural gas and electric accounts, but also reviewing your specific business needs to assist you with any energy efficiency, conservation and energy sustainability projects such as lighting upgrades or solar PV installations.  No matter your project type, Power Management’s process will provide you with a true turn-key solution. PMC will work with you from start to finish to evaluate a desired or recommended project, coordinate all aspects of the project, communication between parties, maintain deadlines, and oversee your project so it is done quickly and correctly the first time.

Carport Solar Project on College Campus

After unveiling a large solar ground mount system in 2014, this college considered other sustainable initiatives in order to continue fulfilling their energy and environmentally conscious approach. Power Management Company developed this solar canopy project which started construction in October 2016 and adds an additional 2.8 MW to their renewable portfolio.

2.8 MW

DC system size



3,377,484 kWh

Annual production


less gallons of gasoline environmental equivalency

Whether you are considering a lighting upgrade or solar installation project, our job is to help you identify the most efficient energy saving opportunities. With a comprehensive strategic approach to energy management, Power Management can assist your company with navigating business energy supply and exploring energy conservation and efficiency measures.   

Expert Guidance

Our team is extremely knowledgeable on not only the latest technologies but also how to implement them correctly for your customized need

Turn-Key Solutions

No matter the scope of project you’re looking to complete, our process incorporates every aspect of the project from inspection to completion.

Energy Management

We assist our customers with developing an overall energy strategy for their business. From energy consulting, electric and natural gas procurement, to efficiency and sustainability initiatives.


  • “Power Management has served our store for over 20 years. During this time I’ve valued the personal attention I get by the team at Power Management which is par none in this industry. In addition to energy purchasing, they have performed multiple indoor and outdoor LED lighting and efficiency upgrades, allowing our store to realize long-term savings on our energy bills.”

    Bret Seafuse
    Owner, Trumansburg Shur-Save

1. Lighting solutions

Energy costs are an essential consideration as you grow and manage your business. At Power Management, our job is to help you identify the most efficient energy saving opportunities. Regardless of the investment, you must balance the project cost against the savings opportunity. The quickest path to energy savings is right overhead – your lighting.

Power Management has the technical expertise to optimize your company’s energy consumption and reduce overall operational costs. Lighting retrofits are generally recognized as one of the best returns on your capital investment that you can make. Lighting represents roughly 40 percent of the energy consumption in the commercial building sector.  Advanced lighting solutions increase savings and maximize business operations. Depending on your business, our lighting team will propose the best combination of different solutions which can include high-efficiency LED lighting, lighting controls, occupancy sensors, dimmers, LED cooler lighting, and vending machine controls.

The benefits of implementing our lighting solutions are immediate. Energy efficiency upgrades can reduce lighting costs by up to 50 percent. Power Management’s recommendations and professional project management services will assure optimal energy efficiency from the minute you turn on the lights. In addition, lighting solutions can enhance the quality of lighting and appearance of your business, increase productivity, improve employee well-being throughout a facility and improve the lighting equipment longevity.

The first step in planning a lighting strategy is to define the existing condition of the lighting systems. Our process starts with a facility audit that incorporates every aspect of the project from inspection to completion. Our lighting specialists will recommend a comprehensive solution that will incorporate all available financial rebates, incentives and tax saving strategies.

2. Solar strategies

Comprehensive Research, Recommendation and Implementation

If you’re going to navigate sustainable territory, it’s important to work with an experienced guide.  Power Management can help you decide if installing a solar project is right for you. We will develop a turn-key solar plan, seek funding opportunities and tax incentives and establish benchmarks for your solar project success.

Your company may be considering a renewable energy project for many different reasons, including:

  • Energy cost savings
  • Hedge against future energy cost increases
  • Demand management
  • Onsite energy resources for reliability and security
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Meet corporate energy sustainability goals

Power Management will work with your organization to provide a plan that shields you from rising electric costs.  Our team of experts will conduct research on your specific project and provide recommendations based on our experience and your energy sustainability goals. Regardless if the best solar solution is a rooftop application, ground-mount, canopy or carport, PMC will seamlessly follow the project through to the final implementation stages. We will be with you every step of the way.


Installing a solar array can provide you with stabilization and independence from the very volatile energy markets. A successful solar project also conforms to your financial and long-term energy goals. We will work with you to find the best solar solution, and deliver optimal financial savings and long-term energy reductions based on your preferences. Power Management’s experts will work with you to provide all practical and available options to fit your unique needs.

Energy incentives are out there, and we’ll help you take advantage of federal and state funding programs, rebates and tax savings. We’ll also help you evaluate your company’s choice to own, lease or enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and determine which financing option makes the most sense.


Taking advantage of unused roof or land space to create clean energy is smart and attainable.  You can create and provide power locally which helps relieve pressure on the grid and if you have an abundance of unused energy, you can sell that energy back to the grid.


Energy sustainability means doing more with less today, so the needs of future generations are not compromised.  Our solar solutions are as beneficial for your company as it is for our environment. A solar project supports the growth of energy independence and corporate responsibility while reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

In an effort to make New York State’s environment cleaner, there are a number of significant incentives currently available for public and private organizations that install Level 2 EV charging stations. The stations can be placed in public parking facilities, workplaces, and multifamily apartment buildings. The programs aim is to accelerate the growth of the electric vehicle market, partially through financial support for the installation of charging stations across New York.

Let Power Management provide a proposal to install EV charging stations at your facility!

1. Charge Ready NY

  • Recipients will receive $4,000 per charging port
  • EV Charging Stations must be chosen from NYSERDA’s “Qualified Charging Equipment and Networks” list
  • There is a minimum of (2) charging ports per site and a maximum of (20)
  • Pre-approval is required (which Power Management will assist with)

2. NYS Tax Credit

  • New York State provides an income tax credit of up to $5,000 for the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle charging station
  • The tax credit is available through the end of 2022


Power Management’s customers come from nearly every business category, all with unique energy needs. By applying a comprehensive energy management approach, we have helped customers to realize long-term energy savings and attain their goals.


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